Roblox Mad City Codes List ( Updated )

All Roblox Mad City Codes are here. Roblox Mad City is a game in which you must choose whether to play as a criminal committing a crime or as a police officer assisting in the prevention of crime in a city dominated by chaos and anarchy.

Roblox Mad City is an open-world action game created by Schwifty Studios. It was first published on December 3, 2017, and has constantly remained on the front page since then.

It is conceptually similar to Jailbreak, which is the platform’s most popular action game. When compared to the latter, Mad City has been praised for its unique characteristics, but it has also been chastised for being unoriginal and a “rip-off.”

Mad City reached one billion visits on April 4, 2020, making it the 13th game to do so.

Roblox Mad City


Mad City, like Jailbreak, combines open-world action, role-playing, and the classic Cops and Robbers genres. The player must select one of three teams available at the start of the game: Police, Hero, or Prisoner.


Three objects are issued to police officers: a pistol-S, a taser, and handcuffs. The taser and handcuffs are only available to police officers. Their primary responsibility is to capture guilty prisoners or criminals who have eluded capture. The police players spawn in the police station, which can be found in the jail and easter island.


Before they can leave, prisoners spawn in their jail cell for a short time. The prisoners aim to break out of jail and become criminals. To have a chance of escaping the jail, they should look for objects such as crates, garbage cans, and boxes, which contain materials that can be used to make C4 (bomb), a hammer, and other weapons. You will also discover spoons and lock-picks, which you will not be able to craft but will be required to escape with. Unfortunately, cars cannot be spawned in the prison.


Heroes are a different kind of player in the game. The heroes are similar to police officers, with the exception that instead of arresting criminals, their mission is to kill any criminal in the game and return them to jail. In the game, heroes will have their own set of superpowers, such as Hotrod, Inferno, Proton, Vanta, Voltron, Frostbite, Titan, and Archer, each with their special ability to help the heroes defeat the criminals.

Roblox Mad City Tricks / Roblox Mad City Codes

There are a few tricks you can use in Roblox Mad City to gain access to cars or weapon skins, which will make these items stand out a little more even though they don’t help you develop your game skills.

By clicking on the Twitter icon, you can enter the sentences that make up the Roblox Mad City tricks. When you do so, a menu will appear, prompting you to enter the code and then press the Submit button to access the article linked to it. Here’s a list of mad city tricks and codes to help you get free skins and pistols.

Roblox Mad City Codes (Latest New Codes)

BILLYBOUNCE: Enter this code to get a free Billy Bounce to emote.

0MGC0D3: Redeem a Green Dots Vehicle Skin with this identifier.

Ryguy: Enter this code to get a Ryguy Skin. It is the skin of a driver or bike.

Bandites: Enter this code to get a Bandites skin, which is either a car or a motorcycle skin.

D1$C0: Redeem a Disco car skin with this code.

uNiQueEe BACON: Enter this code to get a MyUsernamesThisSkin, which is a car or truck skin.

5K37CH: Enter this code to redeem a Sk3tchYT skin, which is either a car or a motorcycle skin.

Napkin: Enter this code to get a NapkinNate skin, which is either a car or a motorcycle skin.

RealKreek: Redeem a KreekCraft skin with this coding. It is the skin of a driver or bike.

0N3Y34R: Enter this code to get a free Birthday Fireworks. It is the skin of a driver or bike.

Roblox Mad City Codes (More Working Codes)

S34Z4N4: This algorithm can be used to get a Purple Zebra. The first season 4 coding is a car skin.

TH1NKP1NK: Enter this code to get Pinky, a new car skin.

S34Z4N3: Enter this code to get a Plasma Skin. The first season 3 coding is a car skin.

M4DC1TY: Enter this code to get a free Black Hex Ak47 skin.

T4L3N: This coding should be used to get a Talon truck skin.

B34M3R: This coding will be used to get a Sunbeam truck skin.

STR33TL1N3: Enter this code to get a Streetline truck skin.

S33Z4N2: Enter this code to unlock the Frosty truck skin.

B3M1N3: This coding will be used to get a Hearts SPAS skin.

W33K3NDHYP3: Redeem a Monochrome van skin with this coding.

Roblox Mad City Codes (Expired Codes)

100kCash: Enter this code to get a lot of free money.

Datbrian: Enter this code to get a DatBrian’s Skin.

Steps How to Redeem Roblox Mad City Codes

  • Simply type one of the codes presented in the phone’s codes tab to redeem the corresponding rewards.
  • You should use the M key on the keyboard or the menu icon in the bottom right corner to activate the phone.

Important notes

  • You can only use your phone while driving if you stick your head out the window.
  • When you enter a car while on the phone, it will automatically close.

There are many reasons why certain people are unable to redeem the code:

  • You’ve now redeemed it ahead of schedule (most of the codes you can use only once).
  • You have entered the code wrongly.
  • The code is no longer valid.

Mad City Buzzard

The Mad City Buzzard is a three-seater aerial truck that has been weaponized. It is located at the Airport and is available for buying for one million dollars.

A rope can be dropped beneath the Buzzard by pressing the “C” key, allowing one extra player to grab onto it for transportation. It takes about four seconds to get up and running.

Because the pilot is completely enclosed inside the car, he is safe from enemy gunfire. Both passengers, on the other hand, are almost entirely exposed and can be easily shot at. It’s also worth noting that, despite being exposed, passengers are prohibited from using arms while seated.

The Buzzard’s ability to fire missiles at enemy players by pressing the “F” key is one of its most notable features. There is a 5.5-second cooldown interval after each firing before another can be fired. Each missile injures players for 40 points and disables any aerial vehicles caught in the blast. A target market is often visible and marks the location where missiles will be launched. Missiles can lock on to enemy players, causing them to zero in on their intended target. The missile lock-on sequence is divided into three stages: green, yellow, and red, with each stage improving the missile’s accuracy. Each lock-on stage is signaled by a periodic beeping sound that becomes louder as the stage progresses. The lock-on procedure takes about five seconds in total, and it will be lost if the target is no longer visible or moves out of range.